About Us

Ittaherl is a local Indonesian brand which is dedicated to create a footwear line for girls and women at all age. It was founded in April 2012 at a small workshop in Bandung out of the passion to discover a pair of shoes which incorporates both comfort and luxury.

Ittaherl features two essentials in its line, simple comfortable shoes and fabulous clips to make the shoes to be versatile in all occasions. Ittaherl's signature style of combining simple shoes and appealing range of clips slowly became the talk among females in Bandung during its early times. From local sale transactions among close friends, Ittaherl bravely started building its online shop to serve more customers across Indonesia. 

Two reasons why Ittaherl's customers always come back for more are that all shoes and clips are meticulously designed and handcrafted by choosing high quality materials to create a special pair of shoes for each customer, and that Ittaherl is always up to date with its customers needs of different shoe styles while prioritizing its customers' happy feet. 

Get ready to make your feet happy.